I'm currently a high school senior and full diploma IB student learning both German and Spanish. I love lots of things, including clothes, art and design, and the radio (NPR's my favorite). Miniature animals and circle skirts make me happy and I sing loudly when I'm home alone. And sometimes when I'm not.

I started blogging in 2010 as a creative outlet and because I was fascinated with the world of fashion blogging that I somehow stumbled into. In January of 2010, I wrote my first blog, which is embarrassingly bad and I will probably never link to, but in September of 2010, I started a different blog that I'm pretty proud of with my best friend, Blythe. I still love to blog about outfits, experimenting with clothes, and trying to find my personal style, but you'll probably see some other things on here, too! No, Charlotte's not my real name, but a girl has to have some secrets! I did choose it because I feel like it accurately portrays my personality, though, so it might as well be!

Thanks for stopping by!
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