Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Ponytails and Buns

In Motion: 2 Elastics, 7 New Ponytails and Buns
Though I posted a few days ago about some summer alternatives to basic ponytails and buns, I know that realistically, ponytails and buns will always win out. They usually do for me, too, so I decided to put together another post of my favorite ways to dress up ponytails and buns. That way, you can have your easy peasy ponytails and braids, but they're not as basic as before. All of these styles can be done with two elastics (maybe more if you have longer hair). For buns, I just put my hair in a ponytail, twist it into a bun shape, and then put another elastic on top. Done! It's so easy.

Braid to Bun (or Ponytail)
The Braid to Ponytail option was very popular when I was in middle school. It wasn't always a French braid...most people would just take a piece of hair, braid it separately, and then include it in the ponytail. With the French braid, it's not as prominent, but I like it both ways. Of course, with this style, you can either wear it bun a bun or ponytail.
In Motion: 2 Elastics, 7 New Ponytails and Buns
Braids n' Buns
Okay, forgive me for that title. Also because it could describe most of the styles here. But anyway, I love this version because it's simple, easy, and seriously adorable. You can make the side braids as big or little as you want, but I usually make them smaller. Basically, you take two pieces of hair from each side and braid them as if you were doing that hippie braid hairstyle. But then, instead of leaving your hair down, put it up in a ponytail or braid! Personally, I like this option best with buns, but it looks great either way.
In Motion: 2 Elastics, 7 New Ponytails and Buns
Tucked Under Bun (or Ponytail)
I'm sure I'm not the one who came up with this, but I was playing around with this tucked under idea a few days ago and wanted to see if I could do it higher up on my head. It didn't really work out, but I was left with the ponytail version. I really liked it, and so I tried out a messy bun, too. Your bun doesn't have to be as..vertical or tall, but I liked this messy, casual effect. Basically, to do this, just make a regular ponytail near the middle of your head. Then, make it a little loose and make some space between the elastic and your actual head. Make a hole in this extra hair space and tuck the pony tail underneath. Tighten your ponytail to make it all less loose, and then if you want to, make a bun!
In Motion: 2 Elastics, 7 New Ponytails and Buns
Bun to Braid
I'm sure you've all seen this version of a bun on Pinterest, but I just had to include it. It's probably the hardest one on here, but I've found that if you bend over and do it that way (as opposed to standing right side up like a regular person) it's much easier. Of course, with this option, you can have a messy bun, messy braid, or both! While you could also have a ponytail with this style, I think it works best for just buns.
In Motion: 2 Elastics, 7 New Ponytails and Buns
Double French Braid 
I included this in my last post, but in case you didn't see that one, I decided to include it here, too. This is one of my favorites for gussied-up buns and ponytails and it's really easy. You just make two French braids along both sides of your head and then combine them into a ponytail or bun.
In Motion: 2 Elastics, 7 New Ponytails and Buns
Vintage Scarf
This one is a little bit of a cop-out, but it's a little more than just your basic headband. I love to take this cloth square scarf I have, fold it into a rectangle, and then tie it around buns and ponytails. You can do this with all kinds of scarves, too!
In Motion: 2 Elastics, 7 New Ponytails and Buns
Textured Bun or Ponytail
This style is probably also a little bit of a cop-out, but it's another one of my favorites. If you have naturally straight hair like me, it's fun to sleep with your hair in French braids and then instead of leaving your hair down, put it up. Having a different hair texture, even if it's really subtle, adds something new and interesting to a regular ponytail or bun. To me, just a slight wave, like in the pictures below, makes for the perfect messy bun. If you have wavy or curly hair, you can also straighten it and then put it up, but that's a lot more work and not so fun to do in the summer.
In Motion: 2 Elastics, 7 New Ponytails and Buns--texture
And of course, you can always add headbands and clips to any of these styles, or just ponytails and buns in general! Do you guys have any other ways you dress up these basic hairstyles?


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