Thursday, July 26, 2012

Blogging and Learning

In Motion: Blogging Lesson
Early on while I was thinking about the decision to move to this blog from Alles Mode, I tried to come up with backgrounds of outfit pictures. One of my goals for the new blog was to have more varied backgrounds, and I came up with small list of places to go. When all else failed, I figured I could always take pictures in my room, right in the space shown in these pictures. I somehow imagined this area differently when I was thinking about it, and though I knew right away that this wasn't going to work, the day I had to take pictures there, I took pictures there anyway. Because of the reasons shown above and the fact that these photos are all very out of focus, I decided not to post these as a regular outfit post. I really like this outfit, but it doesn't hold up to the standard I'm setting for myself. I have a lot to figure out before I take pictures inside again, but I wanted to post these as a way of marking my progress, still posting this outfit, and as a reminder to myself of what I need to work on.


Currently listening to: "Great Companion" by Landon Pigg (does anyone else think of Doctor Who when they hear this song?)

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  1. Hey! I took an ALT online class with you and am just now going through the blogroll. I am amazed by IB students. My cousin and many of my friends graduated with an IB diploma, and I know that it is very hard! I have a hard time finding backgrounds for my pictures too! I think it takes some time to learn what looks good.


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