Wednesday, July 18, 2012


summer outfit
summer outfit
summer outfit
Top: second hand store/Shoes: Payless/ Skirt: Gap/ Belt: Vintage/ Bag: Gift

Though you can't exactly tell in these pictures, but we've had quite a few overcast and stormy days lately. I feel like I may have worn this outfit combination before, but after seeing Hanna's outfit post the other day, I was itching to wear these colors together again. Since things were so gray, I figured it was the best time to do so!
I'm still figuring out things with my tripod, since, as you can see, the angle is slightly off in the first few pictures, but I'm so glad I have it! I was never able to make use of this wall before, and though it's not the most picturesque place to take pictures, it works so well, you can see my shoes (which you couldn't do when I was shooting in my backyard), and it's as convenient as it gets!


Currently listening to: "California Dreamin'" covered by Jack and White (seriously, give this one a listen. It is so so good.)
summer outfit
summer outfit


  1. The pictures after the first couples, the ones that have the right balance, they're amazing. The lines really give the photos a clean, geometric background, it's really great.
    And your outfit works so well contrasting against the wall with the vivid colors and shiny shoes! I love these!


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