Friday, July 20, 2012

Sketchbook Pages: 4

In Motion: Sketchbook Pages Series: Inspired by The Daybook
These pages are quite old, and are ones I drew based off picture Sydney posted absolutely forever ago. I wanted to play with stylizing and pen vs pencil (as you probably guessed ;) and thought this picture would be perfect! Also, don't pay any attention to her hands. It's embarrassing, but I messed up with the pen and yeah and now you're probably looking at them and I'm hanging my head in shame. I can do much better! But anyway, I couldn't end up deciding which one I liked better, pen or pencil, but it was a pretty fun exercise!

In Motion: Sketchbook Pages Series: Inspired by The Daybook


  1. What an interesting exercise! Though it's the same image, they both have a different life.

    I wouldn't worry much about the hand - the picture is still way better than I could ever draw! I usually make it appear like the arms are resting behind the back, that way I don't have to worry about drawing hands.

    1. Yeah! It's weird how different they are!

      Haha I do that too ;) Thank you!


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