Tuesday, August 14, 2012


In Motion: summer outfit
In Motion: summer outfit
Top: TJMaxx/ Jeans: local store/ Shoes: Payless/ Jacket: JC Penney/ Bag: UO

I wasn't totally sure what I should wear to a college fair at a local library, so I went with this, which I thought was just a little better than casual, but not too fancy. Since it's summer and  the AC can be pretty high a lot of the times, layers were definitely the way to go, and I had to grab this jacket. As much as I wish it wasn't cropped, I absolutely love this jacket and it's the perfect replacement for a cardigan. I wear it all the time! It's actually because of this jacket that I started looking for structured jackets instead of cardigans, but they're harder to find than you'd think. I haven't given up yet!

Actually, this top and these jeans are also some serious staples in my closet, as you may have noticed, especially if you read the old blog. I bought these jeans last summer since I'd been wanting colored pants for forever, but I wasn't expecting to wear them as much as I do. I love them! They're so comfortable, and they can pretty much go with anything! And I can basically say the exact same for this top.


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In Motion: summer outfit
In Motion: summer outfitIn Motion: summer outfit

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  1. Very chic! You managed to find the perfect balance between too "dressy" and too casual.

    After I bought my denim jacket & denim vest, I find that I really like the structure they give me compared to others vests and cardigans. So I, too, am on the hunt for structured items!


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