Monday, September 17, 2012

Mixing Patterns Classic

In Motion: school outfit
In Motion: school outfit
In Motion: school outfit
Top: Forever 21/ Jeans: local store/ Scarf: Vintage/ Bracelets: DIY and Memphis, TN/ Shoes: UO

I've probably posted an outfit similar to this at least on the old blog, but it's honestly one of my go-tos. I really love the combination of red, black, and white, so this top and these pants were basically made for each other. To add something a little extra, I love throwing in another pattern, like in this headband, so you'll probably see another variation of this outfit some time. It's like a classic to me!

On another note, I seem to have lost my tripod. Yeah. First my good camera stops working and now my tripod disappears. Sigh. I'm on the lookout, and honestly, there aren't that many places a tripod could be, right? Right? So I'll probably have to get a little creative when it comes to taking pictures around here. At least things will always be interesting ;)


Currently listening to: "The Best I Ever Had" by The Swellers 
In Motion: school outfit
In Motion: school outfit

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  1. You sound like you're having quite a time in the photo department. What a bummer! I remember earlier in the year when the lens on my camera completely locked up and refused to focus on anything. I thought I was done with blogging once and for all. lol (ok, soooo maybe I didn't get that dramatic.)

    I guess you're having a make it work moment then! With or without the proper equipment, I still think you look stellar! Style blogging's just about the outfit anyways, right? Who cares how it was captured. :)


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