Monday, October 1, 2012

High School

In Motion: school outfit In Motion: school outfit In Motion: school outfit
Top: Forever 21/ Scarf: Gift/ Bag: Gift/ Shoes: UO/ Jeans: Old Navy

Looking back at these pictures, it really hit me just how high school  this outfit is. And I love that. I really, really do. Honestly, I need a bit more of that in my life. I've been reading fashion blogs since Freshman year, and I've been immensely influenced by people like Jane, Elizabeth, and Kendi. While I've been emulating them for the past few years and they've really helped me develop a better sense of style, I feel like I haven't quite gotten to that point yet where I strike out on my own. As much as I love their styles, as a high school senior, I don't quite feel like it's exactly my own. I'm dying to own a gray hoodie and a dark patterned one. I'm drooling over band tees, gray skinny jeans, and beanies. And part of that is my style fluctuating and changing as I grow up and change, as well. As you all know from my incessant freaking-out-about-senior-year posts, the limited amount of time I have to be a teenager has really hit me, and I want to make the most of those years. That doesn't mean that I'm changing my style to fit in with all the other teenagers, but that I really want to embrace that emerging side of my style because honestly, when else can I do that? I'm putting together a master list of the pieces I want to incorporate into my wardrobe before college and I'm working on an outfit inspiration moodboard as well. I'm planning on sharing these will you all soon! But I have to say, I'm really, really excited.

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In Motion: school outfit In Motion: school outfit In Motion: school outfit

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