Tuesday, August 21, 2012

That One Time I Went To A 1D Concert

In Motion: One Direction Concert
In Motion: One Direction Concert
In Motion: Outfit Worn to One Direction Concert, my One Direction concert outfit
Shoes: Toms/ High-waisted shorts: Old Navy (seen here before)/ Tank: Target

You guys, I don't say this without a fair amount of shame, but earlier on in the summer, my friend Madison and I went to a One Direction concert. We did bring her younger sister with us, but we definitely wanted to go. And I can honestly say that it was one of the best nights ever. The opening acts weren't that good in our opinion, and actually, up until the boys actually started singing, we were seriously regretting coming. I was kind of upset since we'd been sitting out in the heat for hours (Madison and her sister waited even longer!) since they didn't open the gates when they said they would, the people around us were pretty obnoxious (there was this one unfortunately drunk mom...), and I was just done. I actually was thinking to myself, "Why am I even here? I'm so done with this band, this is just really stupid." It was just the heat talking, though! About maybe twenty minutes later when the show started, I was having the best time! Okay, so no, their music definitely isn't the best, but in my opinion, it was the perfect way to spend a summer evening.

We didn't bring any actual cameras with us, since we didn't want them out in the heat for that long so all we have are iPhone pictures and this picture I took of my recreated outfit. During the actual show, since I knew I'd be on my feet a lot, I wore tennis shoes, but this was the perfect outfit for the heat. A couple people were in full length jeans and almost all of the One Direction boys had to wear multiple layers during the show. Like, full length pants, shirts, and button downs or jackets! I'm not sure how they all did that, since I was dying in just my shorts and a tank top.

Anyway, as incredibly embarrassing as it is (we actually don't tell people we went. We saw a few girls from our school and hid a little--unspoken rules!), it was absolutely incredible!

In Motion: One Direction Concert
In Motion: One Direction Concert

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